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Jaipur Tablecloth


These beautiful rectangular tablecloths are sourced directly from Jaipur and are made from quality Indian cotton. The material is block printed by artisans using traditional hand cut wooden blocks and the various designs are ages old.

If you want to colour match, our four 'universal' designs (Marigold, Anoka, Sunflower and Blue Paisley) are perfect matches for our equivalent Jaipur quilts and Jaipur tab-top curtains, but they are of heavier weight cotton. But there is additionally an extra Rajasthani design, Prakariti.

Size-wise they are 8' 4″ x 5' 10″ (2.5m x 1.78m) and so comfortably fit most six-seat tables.

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100" / 2.5m


70" / 1.78m


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