Namaste! Welcome to our new e-Commerce website!

Tracey and Helen
Tracey and Helen

We’re starting in a measured way and a lot more of our stock will be on sale here soon (especially more clothing once we’ve measured everything properly and assessed how much stock we should hold).

Most of our supplies come all the way from India and Nepal so please excuse us if something goes out of stock for a little while. We’re doing our level best to guesstimate how much you are all going to buy!

To keep things simple for the moment, we will only serve UK customers and are restricting the payment method to PayPal (but that does mean you can use just about any credit or debit card, whether you’ve got a PayPal account or not).

As always, we thrive on constructive feedback and advice so if you’ve got any good suggestions then please let us know.

So, go shopping!

All good wishes, Helen and Tracey